Thursday, August 25, 2011

Parchment Craft Magazine - August 2011

Thought I'd let everyone know that I have a greeting card design (for men) in the August 2011 issue of Parchment Craft Magazine!!!  


It's a very simple works up very quickly, for those last minute greeting cards (for the men in our lives!!)....and it's for all levels of achievement :)) For more information on the magazine click here.  They offer subscriptions....archived issues and the option of buying current issues individually without a subscription!!  You simply purchase only the current issues you want as they are published!!  Pretty nice options to choose from :))   So, hop on over to their site (link) and take a peek around cause that's where the pattern to my design is :))

Happy Parching,



  1. Another gorgeous project from you Vickie. Your creations are always so awesome and so is this one. And it´s so usable for anyone and for any occation, so it´s really great and your worek is as always so beautiful. Congratulations with getting published again dear friend, you so deserve it if any, that´s for sure.
    Have a wonderful week-end hun filled with lots of fun and joy.

  2. Maryann....thanks so much for your kind comment and your never ending support!! xxx

  3. I saw your beautiful card, I am hoping to try and do it, but I am learning at the moment so it wont look as gorgeous as yours.

  4. Margaret...Thanks for the kind comment!! After 5 years of practice, practice, practice, I am still learning too :)) xxx


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