Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More.....Bobbin Lace To Parchment Craft

Well let's see.....I have my "Sampler Challenge" done so while all you beautiful people are busy making your "Sampler" I thought I'd make a return visit to another of my favorite things to convert to parchment craft.....all the 'thread laces'.

We have (amongst others) crochet, tatting, filet crochet, bobbin lace, Russian lace to name only a few.  This A4 Wall Decoration is a conversion from bobbin lace and I truly find much pleasure in making these projects.  They make perfect wall decorations and quite often you can make a very nice 'collection' of pieces that all are similar to one another.  There will be additions to this "Gypsy Woman" piece and when I have all of them done it will be a very nice "Gypsy" themed collection!!

"Gypsy Woman" - A4 Wall Decoration  
I'm not going to say how many pieces there will be in the "Gypsy" collection, but I will say there will be quite a few, so stay tuned because I'll be sharing them (in between other projects, of course!!) over the next weeks/months :))

Happy Parching,


  1. Dear Vickie, this is beautiful! I like your bobbin lace very much, cause it's very delicate. Your Gypsy is amazing, she seems to dance in the wind... I really like it!

  2. Pelargonia....thanks so much. It is always very special, to me, when what I create is enjoyed, and inspires, those I can share it with :))

  3. This is really lovely. You really have captured the dance movement.

  4. Tina....Thanks very much for the kind comment. :))

  5. Bonjour Vickie
    Quelle splendeur!!!! Quelle élégance dans ce tableau, une pure merveille. Un grand BRAVO.

  6. Bonjour monpoussin.....Thank you so much for your lovely comment.

  7. Beautiful, really a beautiful piece of work, This is my first visit to your blog and I have enjoyed looking at it, I will be back again and I have become a follower.

  8. Margaret....thanks so much for your very kind comment. I'm pleased you enjoyed your visit and I look forward to having you stop in any time :)) Thanks also for signing up so you'll never miss anything that goes on around here!!

    Welcome aboard.....

  9. Oh Vickie that is so lovely you have a real talent thanks for showing us

    1. Sheila...thanks very much for your kind comment....and for stopping by for a visit!! xx


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